Public Deliverable Reports

Deliverable NameDownload
D1.1 - MATILDA Framework and Reference Architecture.
D1.2 - Chainable Application Component & 5G-ready Application Graph Metamodel.
D1.3 - VNF/PNF & VNF Forwarding Graph Metamodel.
D1.4 - Network-aware Application Graph Metamodel.
D1.5 - Deployment and Runtime Policy Metamodel.
D1.6 - Supported Verticals, Use Cases and Acceptance Criteria.
D6.1 - Evaluation Framework and Demonstrators Planning.
D7.2 - 5G-PPP Interaction, Dissemination, Clustering & Standardisation Activities Report - Halfway.
D7.3 - Communication Activities Report - Halfway.

Scientific Publications

R. Bolla, P. M. Comi, M. Repetto, "A distributed cyber-security framework for heterogeneous environments", Second Italian Conference on Cyber Security (ITASEC18), Milan, Italy, 2018.
P. Gouvas, A. Zafeiropoulos, C. Vassilakis, E. Fotopoulou, G. Tsiolis, R. Bruschi, R. Bolla, F. Davoli, "Design, Development and Orchestration of 5G-Ready Applications over Sliced Programmable Infrastructure", First International Workshop on Softwarized Infrastructures for 5G and Fog Computing (Soft5 2017), co-located with the 2017 29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29), Genoa, Italy, 2017, pp. 13-18.
C. Meani, P. Paglierani, A. Ropodi, N. Stasinopoulos, K. Tsagkaris, P. Demestichas, "Enabling Smart Retail through 5G Services and Technologies", European Conference on Network and Communications (EuCNC18), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2018.
M. Bagaa, T. Taleb, A. Laghrissi and A. Ksentini, "Efficient Virtual Evolved Packet Core Deployment Across Multiple Cloud Domains", IEEE WCNC 2018, Barcelona, Spain, Apr. 2018, pp. 1-6.
M. Bagaa, T. Taleb, A. Laghrissi, A. Ksentini, and H. Flinck, "Coalitional Game for the Creation of Efficient Virtual Core Network Slices in 5G Mobile Systems", IEEE JSAC, 1, 2018, pp. 1-15.
Elena-Madalina Oproiu, Marius Iordache, Cristian Patachia, Catalin Costea and Ion Marghescu, "Development and Implementation of a Smart City Use Case in a 5G Mobile Network’s", , Belgrad, Serbia, 2017.
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P. Gouvas, A. Zafeiropoulos, E. Fotopoulou, T. Xirofotos, R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, A. Bravalheri, D. Simeonidou, "Separation of concerns among application and network services orchestration in a 5G ecosystem", EuCNC Workshop on “From Cloud ready to Cloud Native Transformation: What It Means and Why It Matters”, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2018.
R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, C. Lombardo, O. R. Sanchez, "Evaluating the Impact of Micro-Data Center (μDC) Placement in an Urban Environment", 2018 IEEE Conf. on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (IEEE NFV-SDN), Verona, Italy, 2018.
F. Davoli, E. Bruschi, M. Aicardi, J. F. Pajo, P. Lago, "Decentralized Scalable Dynamic Load Balancing among Virtual Network Slice Instantiations", 2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference, Workshops (IEEE GlobeCom WS), Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2018.
R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, P. Lago, C. Lombardo, J. F. Pajo, "Personal Services Placement and Low-Latency Migration in Edge Computing Environments", 2018 5GNetApp Ws., colocated with the 2018 IEEE NFV-SDN Conf., Verona, Italy, 2018.
R. A. Addad, T. Taleb, M. Bagaa, D.L.C. Dutra, and H. Flinck, "Towards Modeling Cross-Domain Network Slices for 5G", GLOBECOM, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2018.

Dissemination and Communication Activities

MATILDA Consortium, @matilda5g at Twitter account, Internet.
MATILDA Consortium, at MATILDA public website, Internet.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "Modeling Performance and Energy Efficiency of Virtualized Flexible Networks", Invited Keynote at 7th Int. Conf. on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH 2017), Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "Modeling and Emulation of Computer Networks", Presentation in Panel discussion at Panel "Challenges and Directions in Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks and Systems" at SIMULTECH 2017, Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "H2020 Projects in Network Virtualization and 5G: Some Application Scenarios", Presentation in Panel discussion at Panel "An overview to H2020 calls in Simulation, Physiological Computing and Robotics" at SIMULTECH 2017, Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "5G and Beyond: Perspectives on Fixed/Mobile/Cloud/Fog Integration, Network Management and Control, and Services’ Deployment", Presentation at Visions for Future Communications Summit, organised by NetWorld2020, Lisbon, Portugal.
Janez Sterle (ININ - INTERNET INSTITUTE), "Quality Assurance in 5G – SME engagement", Presentation at 5G PPP Phase 3 Information day and Stakeholders event, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Janez Sterle (ININ - INTERNET INSTITUTE), "Quality Assurance and PPDR in 5G", Presentation at ICT Proposers' Day 2017, Budapest, Hungary.
ININ, SME expertise presentation and interest indication at Networld - Find the SME you need!, Internet.
Janez Sterle (ININ - INTERNET INSTITUTE), "Project activities presentations", Supporting 5G IA booth at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain.
ININ, Project activities presentations at MATILDA @ ININ Linkedin, Internet.
ININ, Project activities presentations at MATILDA @ ININ Twitter, Internet.
Janez Sterle (ININ - INTERNET INSTITUTE), Project activities presentations for Telekom Slovenije at MATILDA Project, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Janez Sterle (ININ - INTERNET INSTITUTE), Project activities presentations for A1 Slovenia mobile operator at MATILDA Project, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
MATILDA Consortium, "", at Linkedin account, Internet.
MATILDA Consortium, "", at Facebook account, Internet.
MATILDA Consortium, "", at Youtube account, Internet.
Anastasios Kourtis (NCSRD), "MATILDA: Αn innovative framework for designing, developing and orchestrating 5G ready applications and network services over programmable infrastructures", Project Presentation at INFOCOM WORLD CONFERENCE 2017 Greece, Athens, Greece.
Klaus-Dieter Thoben (BIBA), "Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems in Production and Logistics", Project Presentation at Business School Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Milan, Italy.
ORANGE, at MWC 2019, Barcelona.
Orange, at System and networks evolutions for the next 5G business services, Bucharest, Romania.
Orange, presentation at Lectures in Polytehnics University - Introduction to 5G communication, Bucharest, Romania.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "5G - Poised for revolution (in English) - 5G, Una rivoluzione (in Italian)", Short publicity article at Contribution on Platinum - Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy.
MATILDA Consortium, Short MATILDA presentation at Article on European 5G Annual Journal, Europe.
M. Bagaa (Aalto), "Efficient Virtual Evolved Packet Core Deployment Across Multiple Cloud Domains", Paper presentation at IEEE WCNC, Barcelona, Spain.
N. Stasinopoulos (Incelligent), "Network Softwarization", Invited Keynote, Panel Discussion at SDN Security Workshop at CODE-Jahrestagung 2018, Munich, Germany.
K. Burow (BIBA), "First Steps for a 5G-Ready Service in Cloud Manufacturing", Paper presentation at 24th ICE/IEEE ITMC International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Stuttgart, Germany.
R. Bruschi (CNIT), at Ph.D. class on "Network Softwarization, Virtualization and Slicing Foundations of the 5th Generation Radio Mobile Networks", University of Rome "La Sapienza," DIET, Rome, Italy.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "Digital Media Application Services in 5G: Orchestration, QoS/QoE and Energy Efficiency", Invited Talk at the Panel on Digital Delivery of Media Services at The Digital Media Industry and Academic Forum (DMIAF) 2018 (, Athens, Greece.
M. Marchese (speaker), L. Boero, R. Bruschi, F. Davoli, F. Patrone, "Interaction of Satellite Networks in the 5G Ecosystem", Presentation at Sat Italia 5G (, Rome, Italy.
C. Patachia (ORO), N. Stasinopoulos, A.Ropodi (INC), J.Martrat (ATOS), "From Webscale to Telco, the Cloud Native Journey", Whitepaper elaboration at Whitepaper.
A. Zafeiropoulos (UBITECH), "MATILDA Overview", Project Presentation at ITU Forum "Towards 5G Enabled Gigabit Society" , Athens.
A. Zafeiropoulos, Workshop organization at MOBISLICE/5GNETApp Workshop 5G-ready Network Applications Development and Orchestration over Network Slices with Mobility Support - in conjunction with IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks , Verona, Italy.
F. Davoli (speaker), R. Bruschi, P. Gouvas, A. Zafeiropoulos, "MATILDA Overview", Invited Talk at MATILDA Presentation at the MOBISLICE/5GNETApp Workshop, Verona, Italy.


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