Public Deliverable Reports

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D1.1 - MATILDA Framework and Reference Architecture.

Scientific Publications

R. Bolla, P. M. Comi, M. Repetto, "A distributed cyber-security framework for heterogeneous environments", Second Italian Conference on Cyber Security (ITASEC18), Milan, Italy, 2018.
P. Gouvas, A. Zafeiropoulos, C. Vassilakis, E. Fotopoulou, G. Tsiolis, R. Bruschi, R. Bolla, F. Davoli, "Design, Development and Orchestration of 5G-Ready Applications over Sliced Programmable Infrastructure", First International Workshop on Softwarized Infrastructures for 5G and Fog Computing (Soft5 2017), co-located with the 2017 29th International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 29), Genoa, Italy, 2017, pp. 13-18.
C. Meani, P. Paglierani, A. Ropodi, N. Stasinopoulos, K. Tsagkaris, P. Demestichas, "Enabling Smart Retail through 5G Services and Technologies", European Conference on Network and Communications (EuCNC18), Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2018.

Dissemination and Communication Activities

MATILDA Consortium, @matilda5g at Twitter account, Internet.
MATILDA Consortium, at MATILDA public website, Internet.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "Modeling Performance and Energy Efficiency of Virtualized Flexible Networks", Invited Keynote at 7th Int. Conf. on Simulation and Modeling Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (SIMULTECH 2017), Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "Modeling and Emulation of Computer Networks", Presentation in Panel discussion at Panel "Challenges and Directions in Modeling and Simulation of Computer Networks and Systems" at SIMULTECH 2017, Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "H2020 Projects in Network Virtualization and 5G: Some Application Scenarios", Presentation in Panel discussion at Panel "An overview to H2020 calls in Simulation, Physiological Computing and Robotics" at SIMULTECH 2017, Madrid, Spain.
F. Davoli (CNIT), "5G and Beyond: Perspectives on Fixed/Mobile/Cloud/Fog Integration, Network Management and Control, and Services’ Deployment", Presentation at Visions for Future Communications Summit, organised by NetWorld2020, Lisbon, Portugal.